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Sticker Kicker by Jamie Williams & Roddy McGhie


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The magician presents a little three-round challenge. In the first round they have to take a small white sticker and place it as close to the center of the chosen card as they can. This is easily done and they proceed to the next round. In the second round the spectator has to autograph the face of the card they just put the sticker on. As long as they can write their name they win round two. In round three all they have to do to win is peel the sticker off the back. Impossibly they are unable to remove the sticker that they applied to the card that they signed. That’s when the magician reveals that the entire back design has become the sticker and the magician is able to peel off the entire back of the card. The sticker they applied is now a hole in the center of the back design sticker the magician peeled off. Everything is not only examinable; they can keep the sticker and the card as an impossible souvenir.

Sticker Kicker is the kind of topological oddity that turns your brain inside out. When they try to peel off the sticker they applied and realize it has fused with the back of the card your audience will have no idea you are leading them down the rabbit hole to a truly incredible piece of magic. Sticker Kicker comes with all the props you need to start performing immediately. This effect includes ten gimmicks that are re-usable and if you want to give them away refill packs are available. You will also receive instructions on the basic routine by Roddy McGhie as well as a host of additional ideas that Roddy has cooked up to make this already fun effect a blast to perform. Perfect as its own trick or the surprise ending to your go-to card effect all you need is a sticker for the best kicker in card magic. Sticker Kicker by Jaime Williams is your new heavy hitter.

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