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The Bite by Manu Llari & Iván Garcia




THIS IS A GREAT and EASY ROUTINE!  A Great Halloween Routine – Brent Geris

Based on the classic game of cards from ” The Vampire ” there comes “The Bite“, a completely new version of the mind of Manu Llari and Ivan Garcia.

The spectator chooses a card of blue back anyone at random and loses it for the center of the pack, where he wants. Later, the magician, extracts one card of red back of the pocket, in which it has portrayed the face of a man. The magician waves this card slowly and the expression of the face of the man starts changing up to the point that transforms in a terrifying vampire! Later the magician places the vampire for the middle of the deck and this one finds the card of the spectator of a very special way… The selected card is bitten and together with the vampire! In addition, it is possible to do the routine with signed card and the better thing, is that once ended the effect the card are totally examinable!

The game contains everything necessary in order that you realize the effect, without need to have to mount or construct nothing, besides more than 45 minutes of explanation on the routine!

Innovative, visual, easy and effective… this is “The Bite“!

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