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The Magic Apple LIVE 2 by Brent Arthur James Geris




Magic Apple Live 2 is here celebrating 20 Years in business!!

The Magic Apple Live 2 is a hardbound book with over 200 pages written and compiled by Brent Arthur James Geris featuring INCREDIBLE contributions from:

Allan Ackerman   Stephen Buehler   Eric Buss   Lauren Cohen   Dani DaOrtiz   Jason England   Matt Daigle   Roberto Giobbi       Bill Goodwin   Howard Hamburg   Nader Hanna   Eric Jones   David Kovac   Nathan Kranzo   Jason Ladanye Jonathan Levitt   John Lovick      Jeff McBride   Matt Marcy   Tony Picasso   Robert Ramirez   David Regal   Jonathan Sadowski   Ben Train and Rob Zabrecky

Plus there is a routine that was previously unpublished by the late great Max Maven!

and the foreword was written by a Magician of the Year, MICHAEL CARBONARO!

There are routines that have never been in print before, impromptu magic, and favorite magic tricks from the contributor!  You’ll read stories about Brent’s consulting projects with Tony Clark, learn more about some of the most sold items, top ten favorites and so much more!

The Magic Apple LIVE 2 is EXTREMELY limited to only 750 numbered copies!  This will NEVER be re-printed again!  Don’t sleep on this!  Order it NOW!  Keep the book with you always, you never know who you’ll run in to with it!

If you’d like the book signed by Brent, please drop us a note:

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