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The Shirt That Knows by Leo Reed




The Shirt That Knows by Leo Reed
This is a t-shirt that allows you to read minds while wearing it. None of the
effects that you can do while wearing the shirt use playing cards, coins, or traditional magic
The shirt appears to be a normal looking t-shirt that you purchased at a concert or music festival.
The shirt does not reference MAGIC and appears like an ordinary shirt.  It is a perfect shirt to wear while hanging out with friends at a restaurant, bar, BBQ, or party. You
can leave your book tests, billets, nail writers, and other mentalism props at home and still be
able to read minds by just wearing this t-shirt.
 The shirt comes complete with both video instructions and written instructions!
We have even included what looks like a realistic concert ticket from the music festival on the shirt that you can put in your wallet and to use for a few of
the routines!
Over seven different effects are possible, each relying on different mentalism methods and
principles. Although it can be done, we don’t suggest doing all seven routines to one person, but
if you pick the correct time and place, these routines are VERY STRONG!
For example, without writing ANYTHING down, the spectator thinks of ANY of the states OR any of the cities listed on the back of your shirt and you simply read their mind and tell them the
place they are thinking of one letter at a time!  Simple forces throughout the shirt are used as well, and no, none of them use the "hot rod force."
Even the classic mathematical magic trick, the 1089 force, makes a clever appearance!The Shirt That Knows is printed on Ultra Soft District brand t-shirt and (for now) comes in
heather grey! Available sizes are medium, large, XL and XXXL.

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Medium, Large, X-Large, XXX-Large