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Tornado Cube by Henry Harrius


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A revolutionary cube effect that adds a whole new layer to the world of Rubik’s Cube magic tricks.

While there has been a ton of innovation in the world of Rubik’s Cube magic tricks in recent years many of the most popular effects have revolved around impossibly solving the Rubik’s Cube (like RD Insta Lite) or making two Rubik’s Cubes match (like Venom Cube). While these effects are phenomenal and have been perennial bestsellers the King of Cubes Henry Harrius is always seeking new ways to innovate cube magic.

His bestselling effect “Cube in Bottle” was a major step in breaking the mold of “stereotypical” cube magic. And now “Tornado Cube” follows in those footsteps.

Brought to you by Dimitry Polyakov in collaboration with Henry Harrius “Tornado Cube” is a super clever gimmick that allows you rapidly spin a Rubik’s Cube on your fingertip with ease. It’s an eye-catching and jaw-dropping display of “skill” that actually takes very minimal skill at all. The gimmick helps make this impossible spin easier than you might think. Your spectators can even hold the cube themselves without ever expecting a thing.

With its clever design “Tornado Cube” can be easily integrated into nearly any Rubik’s Cube especially the “RD Regular Cubes”—which are considered by many to be the gold standard in cube magic. This means you can easily add this flashy display into your other favorite Rubik’s Cube magic routines like “RD 360” “Venom Cube” and “Cube Maestro”.

You’ll receive everything you need to perform “Tornado Cube” including:

    • A specially-made gimmick that can be adjusted to all hand sizes
    • A tool to insert the gimmick and a velvet carrying bag for when it’s not in a cube
    • RD Rubik’s Cube stickers
    • Online instructions

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Dimensions 8.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 in

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