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Touch by Paul Curry


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We just reviewed this and it is GREAT!  Easy to do and a GREAT card trick!

Touch is a mind reading miracle.

Before any thing happens you remove a joker from the pack and write a prediction on its face.

The prediction stays in full view as the spectator touches a card.

Turn over your prediction and it matches EXACTLY every time with any card.

No forces no secret writing no rough or sticky cards.

Touch comes with a custom made deck that secretly handles all the predictions for you with no difficult moves at all. It is so clever that it even allows you to repeatedly use the same jokers as prediction cards so it resets.

In the video we cover everything. you will learn Handling’s for multiple spectators. How to customize your deck to most back designs and multiple routines for close up and stand up.

And what I love about it are the reactions you get. Because Touch is built on a strong method its so fair and clean your audience will have no way out..

Everything you will learn here has been inspired by the original Paul Curry Touch routine which you will also learn.

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