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Ultramodern (Limited Edition) by Retro Rocket – Book



A collection of 36 effects from the best creative minds in magic.

This 300+ page hardcover with hundreds of photographs has 36 tricks from some of magic’s greatest minds taught in detail.

This volume brings together the first three books in the highly praised Ultramodern series.

You will learn astounding and practical magic with cards coins cups sponge balls and business cards. Contributors include Martin Lewis John Bannon John Carey Liam Montier Ryan Matney Paul Hallas Joe Rindfleisch Chastain Criswell George McBride Geoff Williams Robin Robertson Peter Duffie Cameron Francis Jozsef Kovacs Al Bach Francis Menotti Kyle Purnell Pablo Amira Marty Kane Gordon Bean and the last effects contributed to a periodical by Steve Dusheck.

Limited edition.

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