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Unmemorized Deck by Marcelo Insúa


videoicon-linkMarcelo Insua – Tango awarded at the FISM 2012 with the Invention prize introduces his first card magic DVD.


Marcelo Insúa of Tango Magic has been developing and professionally performing his UNmemorized Deck for the past ten years delighting and fooling both laymen and experienced magicians worldwide. In over 100 lectures in 20 countries in the most prestigious magic clubs and venues he has dazzled audiences with his stress-free card system. Even the most knowledgeable magicians are baffled by how the effects are done. Amazingly there is no sleight of hand no special cards no memorization no work and no stress. It is as close to real magic as you can get. You will be delighted by the brilliant principle and ease of creating miracles. Now you too can share in the remarkable secrets of the UNmemorized Deck.

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