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Wand-O-Blocks by Ian Bailey




You introduce a magic wand to your audience that has been constructed from a set of familiar interlocking toy bricks. With just a wave, one of the white bricks vanishes from the end of the wand and reappears in your free hand. You disassemble the wand to show that they are ordinary toy bricks. You then place one of the white bricks in one hand, which it then vanishes from and reappears in the other hand to join the other white brick. For the finale, you reassemble the wand leaving one of the white bricks off to perform a final effect. You tell your audience that you will toss the white brick in the air and try to stab it onto the end of the wand using your fancy brick-building skills. When you throw the brick in the air, you are able to stab the brick onto the wand, but you do so that the white brick appears in the middle of the wand. You can then immediately disassemble the wand and hand everything out for examination.

Wand-O-Blocks comes with everything you need to perform Ian’s routine right out of the box. The sleights required are super easy to do and well within the grasp of magicians of all skill levels. In addition to the ordinary interlocking bricks that you receive, you get a special gimmicked brick that allows for some very visual vanishes and reappearances. You also get a bonus routine from Erik Tait that features the wand growing and completely vanishing. Wand-O-Blocks uses endearing and instantly relatable props for audiences of all ages. Transform a model into a magical experience with Wand-O-Blocks by Ian Bailey.

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