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Coffee Break Trick by Gentlemen’s Magic and Urbain




Their signed bill appears inside a sealed coffee capsule. “Coffee Break” is an incredible and organic approach to the Chop Cup that you’ll want to perform everywhere you go.

“Coffee Break” was developed by Urbain and Gentlemen’s Magic. Taking inspiration from Michael O’Brien’s “Strolling Chop Cup”, every aspect of this remarkable routine has been meticulously constructed to generate maximum impact.

You’ll always be one step ahead to ensure you’re never caught off guard. Even the dreaded final load can be done without breaking a sweat. Paired with premium props that seamlessly blend into any environment, this is a true game-changer for any close up magic performer.

This routine is so impactful is because all of the weird magic props have been eliminated. Instead of using strange metal cups and crochet balls, you perform truly incredible moments of magic with a seemingly innocent espresso cup and borrowed bill.

Multiple jaw-dropping Chop Cup phases happen inches from their face. Their signed bill impossibly disappears, re-appears, and even travels from your pocket to their hands. Each moment gets increasingly more incredible until, finally, their bills appears inside a freshly sealed coffee capsule. Even this final reveal makes total sense, as opposed to the standard approach of making a lemon appear for seemingly no real reason.

This is direct, organic, real-world magic at its finest. Everything feels so fair and more amazing. It’s also super visual, allowing it to thrive even in loud environments.

“Coffee Break” is a complete professional kit that comes with everything you need to perform this miracle. This includes premium props crafted with the highest commitment to quality and a detailed tutorial from the creator himself. Urbain walks you through all the basics, as well as a variety of helpful tips, handling variations and convincers.

You receive:

  • Custom-made espresso cup “Chop Cup”
  • Special coffee spoon
  • Gimmick capsule
  • Three special sugar cubes
  • Enough aluminum lids for 100 performances (refills can be easily found at a fair price)
  • 35-minute video tutorial

Grab “Coffee Break” and add a powerful organic miracle to your close-up set today!

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