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Frequency by Peter Eggink & Armanujjaman Abir



Show your phone inside its case close the case and have a spectator hold the phone in-between their fingertips. Next you hand out your business card and ask
the spectator to call your cell number…The phone rings and they can FEEL & HEAR the phone ringing. The moment the spectator let’s go of the phone case open the case to show that your phone has completely disappeared!

Reveal the phone inside your pants pocket or any other location…with the missed call on the screen!

Frequency is a devious clever gimmick that allows you to not only conceal a very clever phone vanish but can also be used for PK/PK touch effects etc.

It’s a very clever electronic device that you can carrie around and is completely “invisible” when in play -You’ll love this!

Frequency is your new secret weapon in magic. Period.

Key points:

– EASY to do
– Can be done with any phone
– Use your own normal phone case
– Can even be performed with a borrowed phone and case
– Reliable and rechargeable
– 100% control
– Tons of effects possible

Additional information

Weight 0.000 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 in