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Mentalissimo Book by John Bannon


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In Mentalissimo John brings his talents to bear on mentalism and mental magic with playing cards. “I do card tricks have a keen interest in mentalism and am a fanatic about the construction of magic tricks. For me a book like this is just what I look for. All of the above; in one place.”

You can expect: Squeaky-clean revelations of truly thought-of cards. Demonstrations of psychic ability that can’t be explained simply as coincidence. Clear commercial prediction systems. Offbeat treatments of classic mental effects from “Add-a-Number” to “Out of This World.”

Thirty items are described and explained in twenty-one chapters. Almost all use regular unprepared cards. Two require a common gaffed card. Most are impromptu. A couple require a more-than-minimal stack. A few rely on easily-made external props. One employs a pack of ESP symbol cards. All are intelligently explained and laced with commentary and discussion. Come for the thought-provoking card effects; stay for the conversation.

“This stuff is fun to read and fun to do.”
-Max Maven

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