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Poker Face – Bill Abbott




Direct from his critically acclaimed show, this is the one Bill Abbott uses every single time he walks on stage. With just a single deck of cards, you can read the minds of every single person on stage. This is Poker Face by Bill Abbott.

The performer invites five members of the audience on stage. After getting to know the spectators, the performer lines them up in a row and has each of the spectators crack open a deck of cards and remember one of them. After an engaging presentation based around being able to deduce the spectator’s poker tells, the performer then tells the people joining them on stage that if their card is named, they should retake their seats in the audience. The performer names five cards, and four of the spectators sit down. The final spectator and the performer engage in one final battle of wits, and the performer is able to nail the exact card the last volunteer is thinking of.

Bill’s handling of the tossed-out deck allows for some unbelievably fair moments that get jaw-dropping reactions. When you purchase Poker Face, you receive a very special deck of cards that has been custom printed to allow you to nail the final spectator’s thought of card every time without a miscall. You also get a tutorial with Bill Abbott detailing not only the incredibly easy handling but also the details of the routine and all of the jokes that make this a powerhouse effect. Play a game of cards with your audience that will fill the biggest stages with huge reactions and monster laughs when you perform Poker Face by Bill Abbott.

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