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Tiny Dancer by Kyle Purnell




Your audience members are given an Ace and a Deuce to examine. Then they each sign one of the cards. In an incredibly visual moment, you then squeeze the cards face to face, and they visually shrink in size. You then turn the now single card over and the Ace and Deuce have fused into a Three that bears both of their signatures. This can then be immediately given away as a little gift for your audience.

Tiny Dancer is quintessential Kyle Purnell. The sleights are well within the grasp of most magicians, and expertly taught by Kyle for both right and left-handed performers. You receive the gimmicks needed to perform this amazing trick right out of the box. Kyle often uses this as an extra finale for his amazing effect Pip Sleek 2.0, but don’t worry if you don’t own Pip Sleek, because Kyle teaches a stripped-down version of that routine as a special bonus. Squeeze two audience members’ cards into a single memorable souvenir with Tiny Dancer by Kyle Purnell.

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