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Trivia By Craig Petty




Trivia is a modular multi-phased mentalism effect using movie trivia cards. 

Craig Petty’s Trivial Is like having a powerful book test in your pocket!

In your custom Trivia set you receive ten movie fact cards (each card has ten real facts about the movie). Your spectator selects one (no force) and without even looking at their card you can start revealing information, including how much the movie grossed at the box office, the year the movie was released, a thought of word from the list of facts and even the name of the movie!

But that’s not all!

At the very beginning of the routine (before they even select their movie) you hand someone a folded piece of paper. As a kicker you ask them to think of another word from the fact card and believe it or not it’s written on the piece of paper they have had in their pocket since the very beginning!

Top Ten

As a bonus phase you have the spectator mix the movie cards and then go on to prove that they have mixed them in to the exact order of the Top Ten listing card!

Trivia is so powerful and was designed by Craig to be performed in a close up situation.

What’s more on the instructional video Peter Nardi also shares some mind blowing bonus ideas.

Trivia easy to perform and will make you look like a master mind reader

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